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West Side United envisions revitalized, healthy communities for all residents and stakeholders. These initial projects for 2018 lay the groundwork and build momentum for future work:West Side United's priority initiatives for 2018 are community health and health care, economic vitality, Neighborhood and physical environment, and education.

Community health and health care

  • Organize ongoing institutional and collaborative work under a unified community health strategy
  • Expand the community health workers (CHWs) model
  • Explore opportunities to co-locate primary, behavioral, and/or mental health services in West Side neighborhoods

Economic vitality

  • Increase local hiring from West Side neighborhoods
  • Support hospital employee professional growth into jobs creating personal and family wealth
  • Support West Side business development through increased local purchasing & technical assistance
  • Start a $100,000 small business accelerator grant pool
  • Apply to our Grants

Neighborhood and physical environment

  • Organize an impact investing fund to invest a minimum of $2.5M in critical areas in the West Side in 2018
  • Expand existing programming and coordinate on new strategies to improve access to healthy food


  • Increase number of paid high school summer internship and college apprenticeship placements connecting all interested West Side students to enriching educational and pre-professional experiences
  • West Side United Internship Playbook