Response to the Breonna Taylor Case Decision

Photo of support for justice for Breonna TaylorOn September 23rd, it was announced that a Kentucky grand jury brought no charges against the officers in the murder of Breonna Taylor and charges against only one officer for wanton endangerment related to her white neighbors. This decision is another example of the absolute injustice that leaves so many of us feeling devastated by a system that has repeatedly failed Black people, especially Black women, through valuing property over lives. These decisions have become all too familiar and inflict a pain that runs deep. Black people in this country are constantly seeking justice from a nation that refuses to acknowledge that their lives matter. Specifically, Black women are too often seen as collateral damage that draws little publicity and renders these women invisible to the intersectional injustices they face as women of color.

We say “no more” while acknowledging the unfortunate truth that Miss Taylor is not the first and will not be the last— she is one in a long list of Black people murdered by an institution legally and financially charged with protecting them.

The Racial Equity Rapid Response Team of Chicago recognizes the urgency of the work of dismantling the structures and policies that protect and cement injustice and racism in our systems.

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