Family Engagement Resiliency Coordinator

Position Summary

The UCAN Family Engagement Resiliency Coordinator is assigned full-time to the West Side United (WSU) Cluster of Care Model at Herzl School of Excellence.  The Cluster of Care model aims to meet the needs of students, families, schools, and communities on the West Side by leveraging community assets and partnerships. 

The Family Engagement Resiliency Coordinator position will coordinate the setup and delivery of the Herzl School of Excellence student, family and staff support. These supports include:

  1. Primary care services
  2. Mental health services
  3. Social-emotional learning support
  4. Trauma-informed professional development training for teachers
  5. Early healthcare career exposure

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  • Coordinates operations of the Cluster of Care School-based Community Hub at Herzl School of Excellence. 
  • Collaborates with UCAN Supervisor, Herzl school leadership, parents, and WSU services to collect data and share recommendations for continuous quality improvement on the outputs and outcomes identified below.
  • Support various Hub Committees in organizing, planning, and implementing the Cluster of Care support strategies. Attend and actively participate in all hub committee meetings. Suggest and, upon approval, implement initiatives for the program on behalf of the committees. 
  • Assisting the Cluster of Care consultants to provide technical assistance, facilitation, and project management to support the development and management of Committees for the Cluster of Care School-based Community Hub at Herzl School of Excellence.
  • Communicates with the School Principal and Senior Director of Strategy and Operations at West Side United to provide oversight of Hub operations. The Family Engagement Resiliency Coordinator r will also plan and make recommendations for the implementation of high-quality Cluster of Care supports that meet the mission and vision of the Hub.
  • Build relationships with Cluster of Care Partners and community, government, and district leaders.
  • Coordinates the Cluster of Care model offered by West Side United and any on- or off-site referral services for youth and family at the school.  Coordinator may provide direct service to youth and parents.
  • Seeks input from assigned supervisor, teachers, school staff, Cluster of Care members, parents, and students to determine ongoing needs of students and families.
  • Professionalism and Work Conduct
  • Behaves with integrity, demonstrates high ethical standards, and displays a positive image of UCAN.
  • Acts in a professional manner always and maintains appropriate boundaries with clients
  • Demonstrates accountability for results and keeps commitments to others
  • Reports to work, meetings, training, and job-related activities prepared and as scheduled
  • Demonstrates openness and respect for cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of clients and coworkers
  • Accepts feedback and ideas from team and supervisor and is constructive when giving feedback and ideas to others
  • Discusses alternative problem solving and is open to new ideas and ways of doing things

Professional Development

  • Attends regular supervision, team meetings, required training, and other professional workshops to enhance job skills.
  • Sets annual developmental goals with supervisor and WSU consultant to meet learning needs and interests, while also enhancing job performance and skills. 
  • Performs other related tasks as required or assigned.

Education/Job Experience/Certification

  • Bachelor’s Degree in early childhood education, child development, social work, public health, or psychology or related field required.
  • Experience working in a community-based setting, such as a school or community-based organization.  
  • Must have excellent verbal and written skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with school personnel, West Side United staff, students, parents and community partners.
  • Available to work a flexible schedule that includes evenings and some weekends.
  • Project management skills
  • Proficiency in required computer programs, Windows, Word, Excel, and Outlook; ability to learn agency and funder computer programs.

Special Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Is open and respectful of cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of clients and is willing and competent to work with a diverse client population.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrates the ability to work independently and as a part of a high functioning team
  • Must be able to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends
  • Must display the ability to handle multiple tasks and perform public presentations.
  • Must have reliable transportation to perform all duties assigned. 

Apply Now

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