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To build community health and economic wellness on Chicago’s West Side and build healthy, vibrant neighborhoods.

Our Vision

To improve neighborhood health by addressing inequality in healthcare, education, economic vitality and the physical environment using a cross-sector, place-based strategy. Partners include healthcare providers, education providers, the faith community, business, government and others working together to coordinate investments and share outcomes.

What Guides Us

  • Social justice and health equity are at the foundation of our work
  • West Side neighborhoods are vibrant and have important assets
  • Uniting efforts among institutions that often compete for resources must occur
  • We must address health holistically as it is a function of both an individual’s situation and behaviors
  • The voices of West Side residents are central to our decision making
  • The 2018 projects lay the groundwork and build momentum for the long term goals of closing the life expectancy gap

Getting to the Root Cause

Through the development of the Root Learning Map® experience, community members identified assets and opportunities that exist on the West Side today — and are crafting a vision for a healthier future.

Click on each map to view a larger image and explore West Side United’s vision.