WSU Hiring a School Social Worker

Job Description

Under the direction of the Office of Specialized Services, the school social worker enables students to achieve to their fullest potential academically by assisting students to develop coping skills, increase self-esteem, improve interactive skills, and facilitate environmental changes that will enable successful functioning within the learning setting. School social workers also provide crisis intervention as well as individual and group intervention services supporting mental health issues for students, school personnel and community/family. Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

Primary Functions

  • Provide crisis, individual and group interventions as appropriate.
  • Consultation services to faculty, co-team members, parents and other appropriate parties regarding the socio-cultural and emotional factors impacting on the student’s learning experiences
  • Diagnostic assessment for students needing initial evaluation or reevaluation
  • Individual Education Conferences to help determine eligibility for special education programs and counseling services on all cases where social work services are recommended.
  • Conduct professional development/training and workshops for teachers, administrators, and other school personnel.
  • Provision of leadership in developing and coordinating school-community partnerships that includes school-based and school-linked services
  • Development and implementation of intervention andprevention programs that will assist in the reduction of at-risk students
  • Participation in problem-solving initiatives in the school environment to support student success
  • Referral to, and consultation with, appropriate community agencies; development and coordination of relevant community resources to address specific needs of the students
  • Linkage of services and intervention strategies to the classroom to enhance the child’s overall educational development

Minimum Qualifications

Applicants must have been awarded from an accredited college or university a master’s degree in social work. Applicants must also hold a valid Type 73 State of Illinois School Service Personnel Certificate with an Endorsement School Social Work. (Note: Certificate(s) must show a current registration date.)

Primary Location

Theodore Herzl School
3711 West Douglas Blvd
Chicago, IL

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